Friday, 22 September 2017

Script for Space Junk

Kia ora and welcome back my name is Adrienne and this video is going to be about space junk what is space junk? Space junk is when people littre on earth and it moves to space.

Why do people like to litter? I think people like to litter because they see that there are people who like to pick up rubbish around their street. Well guess what people thats your job when you drop your rubbish you pick it up you do not wait for people.

Wait what on earth is space junk? Now here I will explain properly what space junk is. Space junk is the term used to describe man-made rubbish floating in space -- often litter from space exploration, including spanners, nuts, bolts, gloves, and shards of spacecraft.

Why should you stop littering? You should stop littering because it is not good for your property and you should start looking after our world.

And now there you go I have explained what space junk is and why it is important for you to stop littering.

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