Thursday, 23 April 2015

All about my holiday highlight

In the holidays on the middle Sunday it was my birthday. and I got 100 bucks from my aunty and and when I got 100 bucks I went to the shops. and then I buyed me a tablet, ipad and a iphone 6 and A samsung galaxy tablet and then when I got all of those things I was downloading games on my tablet and my ipad and as soonest I finished downloading games on it I got to my aunty’s house and then we stayed and had a rest. a littile while and then we can go. the then my dad said I think we should sleepover but then we did and I said yas! and then I went to sleep. then on the next day we went to the airport because my brother that is 19 years old was going to australia because he was going to work over there and stay over there until He finishes work over there and then he can come back. and then on friday we went to we went to the pt england reserve with my auntys church and it was so cool over there.