Friday, 22 September 2017

Filming For Room 3's Movie

As Room 3 was planning to do some filming this week and last week they were one of Mrs Tele'as busiest weeks of all weeks. first she had to get us ready then she had to work on some of our movies. Lastly she checked our script to see if it made sense for.

Now it was our turn first we looked at our script and we had to practice our line's but then it got harder for us because we had to learn it. And then in the movie we had to say it of by heart.

When it came to my lines I couldn't remember some of the words because it was hard for me to remember. Well I never remembered because sometimes people can't remember what they need to say. just like what I did I couldn't remember.

When my teacher Mrs Tele'a started recording I got scared and at the same time I was really nervous so then I had to calm myself down. I started talking to my friends cause it stops me from getting so nervous and scared.

On the second week we did one more film and it was perfect I knew all of my lines well except. for one line and I made it to the end. which was awesome. YAY!! 

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  1. Malo Adrienne. I like how you've explained your strategy to calm yourself when you got nervous. I could tell you were trying very hard to memorise your lines. Go back through this post and read it allowed. See if you can pick up on parts that you need to edit to make it even better. Malo lava le taumafai. Mrs Tele'a