Tuesday, 4 December 2018


This morning my class had to do a blog post about BEDMAS and the meaning of each letter and here is my post about BADMAS and the what each word stands for.

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Being together!!

On Thursday year 7's had a fun trip to rainbow's end well year 8's stayed back and did some really fun activity's. Everything wasn't normal for year 8's and some of the school kids cause year 7's went to rainbow's end and year 6's went camping at Kawau Island. So the teachers said that we had to just roll with it. When the year 7's made their way to the buses we had some professional people come in with some clay and talked to us about what they do. But first of all, they told us their names and their favorite part of working as a professional clay person one of them says that their favorite part of working as a professional clay person is leaving working and going to work at schools and doing some really fun things with them. In the Middle block after morning tea, we had to try finish of our art for the end of the year. If you are wondering why we are doing Maori art patterns is because we year 8's are leaving very soon. We are going to be leaving intermediate and going to college but when we leave we have left behind some good memories for the school. After we did our artworks we packed up and put away all of our stuff getting ready for lunchtime. Then not long after lunchtime, we had some really cool games but then our teachers said that the year 7's were on their way back to school so we had to pack up and move back into our classes. It was a really fun being together but with just the year 8's. Thank you, teachers, for the effort that you put in just to make it fun for our year 8's I hope all of us enjoyed the day with you.

Don't Litter Rap

“Don’t Litter X3

Stop littering your rubbish
Or you’ll get trouble
There’s litter all around us
There's litter on the street
There's litter in the bushes
There's litter at your feet
You know where to stick it
Don’t throw it just bin it
Put your rubbish in the bin
Dropping litter is a sin
Now you know the drill
Do it and stay chill
Just Clean It x4
If you put your rubbish in
The bin there will be no
rubbish is dangerous
it can cause pollution
If you don’t want that
put your rubbish in
The bin
“Put it in the bin”

The Truth Hurts

Scandalous Satire

This week my class has beenlearning how to summarise the article, but also learning about weather it was factual(true) or it was satirical(false) go and look through my presentation about scandalous satire.

Monday, 26 November 2018

Adrienne- Inquiry Art / Kowhaiwhai Design

The artist I chose was the Suluape family they are famous for doing stuff like Pe'as(Tattoo) and Malu. They are so professional that they make sure that everything is perfect and also makes sure that all the lines are nice and straight. I bet you that most or nearly everybody trust people from the Suluape family for doing stuff like Malu's cause they are careful but also know what they are doing. I reckon that If was one of those girls who'd be dying to get a Malu at a young age I would be saving heaps of money just to get a Malu even tho it costs heaps of money. Many or some people celebrate after you get your malu or pe'a done.

Sunday, 18 November 2018

DMIC Maths and Rotations

For the past weeks my maths class Rm3 has been doing DMIC. DMIC stands for Development Mathematical Inquiry Community. We have been doing this since the start of term 1. But in term 1 we had a different teacher so we had some changes we had a boys and a girls group normally everyday we would always switch and see who’s doing DMIC Maths and who’s doing Rotations.

What is Rotations?

Now I’ve already explained to you what DMIC is and now I’m going to explain to you what Rotations are. Rotations is what we do in class when you are not doing DMIC Maths with teachers. What we do for Rotations is DLO, Basic facts, or FIOP.


If yous are wondering what DLO, BASIC FACTS, and FIOP is well I’m going to explain now.

No.1  DLO, DLO is what we call Hyperstudio once you get to year 7&8 the name will change and it will be a little different. DLO stands for Digital Learning Objects.

No.2  Basic facts, What is basic facts?...Basic facts is what you do if you can’t remember your Times table so then the teacher will tell you to learn it until you actually know them of by heart.

No.3  FIOP, What does FIOP stand for? FIOP stands for Finish it of properly our class always does FIOP our teacher always makes sure that all of our work has been upto date.

In our maths class we have a chart with all our names on it our teacher always makes sure that everyone is on the list and that nobody will miss out. So everyday my teacher will go on the random number generator and pick out who has to do their times tables. But there's only 1 rule and it is a very strict rule if you don’t learn your times tables and tell your teacher that you don’t know them you will be on Re-think.

What is rethink?

Rethink is what teachers in team 5 run it’s more like detention but you don’t really write down lines but you have to clean and rethink about what you did or why you didn’t do it.

So what do you say….Does your school do DMIC Maths or Rotations??

Read through my writing about DMIC Maths and Rotations and see if its a good idea for your school or not.