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Edit Paragragh

Once upon a time there was a dragon named Mack and he was flying around the sky. Then he saw three little kids playing on the park then he float down on the park. And asked them, “what is your guy’s names”? The kids said there names.The oldest said his name first he said that his name was Mack the second oldest said his name was Jeremiah and the youngest said that his name was Andrew. And then the dragon said see you guys later and the kids said wait, “what is your name”? Then the dragon shouted back Mack and the kids said bye Mack and Mack said back bye Jack bye Jeremiah bye Andrew see you Mack then the next day Mack lived happily ever after.

Pirate Narrative writing

Once upon a time there was a pirate named Captain Bob. He is a very selfish pirate about finding treasures. He liked to wear ziczac clothes and shoes. But instead of a ziczac patch Bob wore a black patch and stripy socks.

The next day Captain Bob and his crew went to look for treasure.It was a stormy and a rainy day there was a big rock in their way. Captain Bob couldn’t find a way to move the rock out so then it was too late because the ship was already sinking so then. Captain and his crew quickly jumped out of the ship then they swam underneath the water to see if there were any treasure then suddenly Captain Bob saw a treasure and tapped on his best mate's shoulders and pointed at the treasure box. Then the Captain and his crew swam all the way back to the island with his crew. Then the next day the captain and his crew lived happily ever after.