Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Adrienne's Immersion Assembly Recount

At the immersion assembly for term 4 we were learning about the adaptation of animals. All of  the the  parent,  the whole school , Barney, teachers and   prefects were there at the Immersion assembly. The message was PES Survivors.  Team 1 was learning about Animals,  Team 2 was learning about  Dinosaurs,  Team 3 was learning about  Dinosaurs,   Team 4 was learning about Adaptation and  team 5 was learning about  Human beings.

They were careless, brave, clever, calm and excited about their movie to show the whole school and for the parents to watch.

They were singing karaoke and eating noodles. The song that they were singing was the incredible Roar by Katy Perry  and also a video of Roar. But the first one to finish their noodles gets to have the toy that mr Wiseman was holding.  I felt amazed because I was learning about the adaptation of animals and also about how dinosaurs got wiped out and then there were no more Dinosaurs left they were wiped out.