Wednesday, 27 September 2017


YAY!! it finally came to the day we have all been waiting for. Well guess what today the whole school went out to support the floundering team. Well I said the school well some people went out to their cross country run. But when we went out to support the floundering team it was fun because we sang waiata's. Then after our waiata we shouted out catch some flounders oi after we shouted this then we shouted out. We love you flounder team. But the flounder we had to catch some baby flounders and look after it so well that once it grows you get to take it back to where it belongs. After we catch the flounders we have to leave them in a tank.

Have you ever caught or tasted flounders before?
Well guess what if you have tasted or caught flounder comment down below.

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