Monday, 30 April 2018


 Today for maths we played a game/activity so part of that games we had to get into groups of 4 and we had to take turns circling numbers from 1to100 it was pretty fun but then it got a little bit hard to find the numbers even though it was hard we still kept on going until we finished for the first round I was in a group of 3 not 4 but 3 that three was Me, Sheena, and Mereana, for my group for the second round was in a group of 4 which was Me, Faioso, Annav, and Tevarihi. We found the game fun and easy but a little bit hard.


  1. Great work Adrienne! Especially how you persevered when we changed the groups - wonderful start to Term 2. If you had to do it again - who would be in your group of 4? What strategies could you do to make it work?

  2. hi i like your story and i like your words