Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Perfect punch

Kia ora and welcome back to my new post today me and my group Tapatoru went to teacher Mrs Tele'a she has been waiting for us to finish of our school work called perfect punch. yesterday it was so fun because we made some perfect punch. We did perfect punch because it was to help me and my group to learn about ratios. It was amazing the taste was so delicious but to much sugar.


YAY!! it finally came to the day we have all been waiting for. Well guess what today the whole school went out to support the floundering team. Well I said the school well some people went out to their cross country run. But when we went out to support the floundering team it was fun because we sang waiata's. Then after our waiata we shouted out catch some flounders oi after we shouted this then we shouted out. We love you flounder team. But the flounder we had to catch some baby flounders and look after it so well that once it grows you get to take it back to where it belongs. After we catch the flounders we have to leave them in a tank.

Have you ever caught or tasted flounders before?
Well guess what if you have tasted or caught flounder comment down below.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Script for Space Junk

Kia ora and welcome back my name is Adrienne and this video is going to be about space junk what is space junk? Space junk is when people littre on earth and it moves to space.

Why do people like to litter? I think people like to litter because they see that there are people who like to pick up rubbish around their street. Well guess what people thats your job when you drop your rubbish you pick it up you do not wait for people.

Wait what on earth is space junk? Now here I will explain properly what space junk is. Space junk is the term used to describe man-made rubbish floating in space -- often litter from space exploration, including spanners, nuts, bolts, gloves, and shards of spacecraft.

Why should you stop littering? You should stop littering because it is not good for your property and you should start looking after our world.

And now there you go I have explained what space junk is and why it is important for you to stop littering.

Filming For Room 3's Movie

As Room 3 was planning to do some filming this week and last week they were one of Mrs Tele'as busiest weeks of all weeks. first she had to get us ready then she had to work on some of our movies. Lastly she checked our script to see if it made sense for.

Now it was our turn first we looked at our script and we had to practice our line's but then it got harder for us because we had to learn it. And then in the movie we had to say it of by heart.

When it came to my lines I couldn't remember some of the words because it was hard for me to remember. Well I never remembered because sometimes people can't remember what they need to say. just like what I did I couldn't remember.

When my teacher Mrs Tele'a started recording I got scared and at the same time I was really nervous so then I had to calm myself down. I started talking to my friends cause it stops me from getting so nervous and scared.

On the second week we did one more film and it was perfect I knew all of my lines well except. for one line and I made it to the end. which was awesome. YAY!! 

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Find a perimeter

This presentation hmm...I have been learning about my measurements and have been measuring stuff like the basketball courts at Pt England School.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Tongan languge

Malo E Lelei and welcome back to my blog last week was Tongan language week on friday we had a amazing performance by our lovely Tongan students from Pt England school they were amazing they have practicing through the whole not even a rest during numeracy, literacy class. it has been a amazing week for them last week.
                        Malo Aupito

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Solar System

Solar System hmm...We are learning about the solar system and all the planets and also the name of the planets. our theme for this year is Guardians of the galaxy.                                            

Friday, 8 September 2017

Solar System

Solar system...hmm...What do I know about the solar system?Oh yeah I know the solar system is the sun and all the other planets that orbit around it.hmm...What do the objects orbit? I went online to search what do the objects(planets)orbit and it says the sun is the largest object(planets)by far in our solar system, containing 99.8 percents of the solar system's mass. it sheds most of the heat and light that makes life possible like earth and where else?.. Planets orbit the sun in oval-shaped paths called ellipses, with the sun slightly off-centre of each ellipse.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Measuring Mate & Things

Measure mate hmm...This presentation is called Measuring Mates this helps you remember centimetres, Millimetres, Kilometres, Metres. Which means how long or how tall.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Monday, 4 September 2017

Night Light

Night light.. Hmmm... I don't really know anything about this story but this story tells a bit about the moon and what it is like to be in space or what happens in space.

The girl who saved the moon

This presentation is about a moon and a girl it talks about how the moon gets stuck in the tree and the girl needs to fix it straight away so she chops of the tree with the axe.

Space Junk

This presentations about space junk we need people to help by stop littering and pick up rubbish that's hell you help with space and earth at the same time.