Friday, 24 August 2018

Show don't tell

This terms theme is "Move ya body" and my class has been doing show don't tell this week my group Waititi has been out learning how to unicycle but finally got to stay inside class to catch up on some writing and finally I managed to catch up to do this presentation and this presentation is about some athletes and we got to pick a athlete to write about and my athlete was Yohan Blake the reason to why I picked him was because we couldn't pick Usain Bolt cause my teacher knew that we would know a lot of information about Usain Bolt. Please read my paragraph about Yohan Blake and leave a comment for what I need to do better and what I need to fix on my paragraph.


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  2. Kia ora Adrienne!
    You wrote ' I bet you his nervousness gave him butterflies' - I think you have shown exactly what emotions Blake would have been experiencing at the start of the Men's 200m Final at the London Olympics in 2012. What other word/s could you use instead of 'happy' to describe how Blake would be feeling at the end of this very special race?