Monday, 16 October 2017

Immersion Assembly

Immersion Assembly..... What is Immersion Assembly?..Immersion Assembly is what my school Pt England love to do at the start of terms. Well today which was Monday we had our Immersion Assembly to start of term 4. There were 5 teams That Represented there play or their movie. My favourite was Team 4 because there were three reasons that I love about it. the first one is because they were singing in the car. The second one is because they all took turns driving. The last but not what they are focusing on is to create their own music and they are also focusing onto making their own instruments.

My second favourite was team 5 because it was so shocking that Mr Wiseman's wife was Ms Tapuke. And that Whaea Kelly, Mrs Tele'a and also Mrs Ilaoa were the children. and the friday was always their movie night. It was cool because now we are focusing on composers. Composers are people who writes music.

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