Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Year 6 Camp Writing

On Tuesday morning some year sixes from Point England school went to camp. We went from the bus to the ferry. On bus it was so quiet that I couldn’t hear hardly anything., Once we got on the ferry it was fun because me Aneelis, Glennes, and Latu got to go to the back of the boat and watch the water go sideways once. When we got to Kawau Island we went to put all our things in and then have some fun we done heaps of sports like bush baseball, crickets, volley, and all sorts.

On the second day we started our activities. All our wet activities started on the third day but all our dry activities were on the second day. Our dry activities were fun because when we were on the Burma trail. I kept on slipping over. I kept on yelling out Fetuao’s name but then I got to the then end. Next it was Fetuao’s turn to be blind folded but then when we started walking Jonathan and Paige were still at the back with Miss Timmy and they were really slow.

After that it was finished we went back to the deck to have morning tea. Morning tea was yum because I ate bread cheese, carrot, with it was delicious that it made me full. After that we had to move on to our next activities which was abseiling. Abseiling was kind of scary because it was too high. Sabrina spewed up and it was really gross.

Then we went bivouac building. It was really fun because we had to build huts out of sticks and “put something waterproof on the top.” I knew that Sabrina's group would win because they had more waterproof stuff on the top and also they had the best hutt.

On the last day it was fun because we cleaned our bunks and we were also playing music outside with Kaden’s mum and some people were dancing. It was also funny because me, Miztique, Nyree, Kerstein, Anna, Bryana, and some other girls sang a song to Mr Sommerville
Until then the fairy arrived and then everybody jumped in and waited for some more things to arrive in the fairy.   

Walt: Write a detailed recount about our experience to Kawau Island

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