Tuesday, 8 November 2016

e-AsTTle Writing Test - October

One Sunny morning Emily and Nathanael went for a walk down to the bush suddenly they heard a really scary sound so then Emily called out “Ho….ho….ho…. Ho is there?” So then they kept on walking. Until they saw someone zoom right across them. So then Nathaniel stepped right up and said “Come out and show yourself”.

But then no one answered and no one showed up. So then they kept on walking. They kept on walking. Until then nathaniel had a really really great plan he said emily with excitement “we should do a trap”.

Emily said “it is completely a waste of time!” Nathanael said “well I have no other plans that is the only one I could think of”.
Emily said with anger “did I ask for any plans!”. Nathaniel said “no” and then he said again “we should do it” wait “can we”. And Emily said but you don’t know what is our trap right? Along came my friends Skye, Nyree, and Penny. Penny said “what are you two doing in the bushes?”.

Emily said to Penny “We didn’t want to go for a walk around our street so then we just came here in the bushes for”. And then Emily said again when we got here we heard something creepy and also saw something creepy run past us so then Nathanael said to me that he was going home to get the rope and the net.

Nyree said “So then what are you guys doing now?” Emily yelled I said setting up a trap so then instead penny yelled out come on guys we are all going to run out in 3…. 2….1 run right now.

                                  To Be Continued   

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