Thursday, 15 September 2016

Olympic Narative

One sunny morning Usain Bolt thought of something fun to do so then he decided to travel to Brazil in Rio but he wasn’t really sure of which bus to go in so then he left into the wrong bus and left to the wrong place. He was trying to figure out where is he going.

All of a sudden he started panicking because he did not know where he was. So then he bought out his phone and looked how many percent it was but when he looked at his phone it was only 10% full so then he quickly rang somebody for help but then it was to late his phone died so then he got some sticks and made a fire to keep him nice and warm.

The next day he woke up and he was somewhere else. But then he asked the lady “Where am I?" And she said “This is where we take care of people” But then luckily she had a mobile phone. I asked her “may I please use your phone please”? And she said yes you may. So then I quickly grabbed her phone and called my wife. I asked really fast “Come and pick me up!”
And she said “Where are you?” replied his wife and he said “Somewhere around Brazil”,  “Ok”.

I am coming right now. But then one minute later she found me so then we travelled safely back and lived happily ever after.


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