Thursday, 1 September 2016

Hiwi The Kiwi Narative

In the holidays I went fishing with my grandpa we used my dad's boats to out fishing my grandpa said to me “don’t forget to put on your life jacket on before we go”. So then I quickly put on my life jacket and then left.

All of a sudden we caught a fish. When I looked at it I said to my grandpa you have to pick it up with a wet towel because when you put it back or it will get sick and die.

After we caught the big fish my grandpa said to me “you are a very good at catching fish once you grow up you might pick you to go into the fishing program”. I asked grandpa “when did you start going fishing”? And my grandpa said to me that he started going fishing when he was my age. Then my grandpa said to me “come on let go now” so then we left with the fish to go home.

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