Monday, 29 February 2016

February e-AsTTle Writing Test - 2016

once upon a time there was a little girl who disappeared into the forest she was trying to find the way out but she could not she yelled out Help! Help! but still no one could not find her or hear her so then she sat next to the tree and had a little rest and then soon after that she got back up and she tried finding the way out and “she called out Help! Help! Help!”. Soon she heard her brothers and her sisters and her and dad calling out her name.

and then she “said mum, dad”? is that yous”? of course it is but then. When she went to hug her mum dad they just disappeared into space where all the aliens belong and then her dad said to her mum. “What can we do”?
“her mum called I don’t know”? but then the dad called back to her mum “but is there any other way we can get out of space”? the mum “said back I don't think so.

But then the dad called hey I’ve got a way we should crack the window and jump out but their hole disappeared from bad places and then they lived happily ever after   

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