Friday, 30 June 2017

Now thats thinking Diary

Now that’s thinking Diary

Anna v, Ana l, And Adrienne.
Chosen Idea: It is to make a maze game for the team team 5 block so that when there's nothing to do they can play our maze game and win prizes like lollies.

Each week write down what your group achieved.
  • Explain what you contributed towards that week's achievements.
  • Note any problems you or your group are experiencing.
  • What did you learn this week?

Week 1
We kind of got stuck on what to do so we decided to make hand dryers but then we had a problem and the problem was that it had cost heaps of money for our school to pay but then we got there. We decided to think really hard.

Week 2
So then we had another idea and it was to make a maze game for team 5’s common room. So we decided that the maze game was our final plan. After that we were researching all the materials we needed we told Mrs Tele’a what we wanted.

Week 3
We did a sketched what we thought it will look like and then we drew mazes and we labeled stuff and we labeled our drawing and one of our label was a H in a circle means Hole.

Week 4
This was the best inquiry ever because Mr Wiseman came with our wood and we couldn’t cut it yet because we had to make a cardboard model first and plan how to make it work.

Week 5
We finished of making our cardboard model and where to put our small pieces of cardboard.

Week 6
We started to make our real maze game with wood so then we started of by chopping the wood into pieces and start painting it and start putting them on the next day and now we are nearly finished.

What did the Vitamin A+ group learn this term for now that's thinking? We learned how to cut with a sword and how to plan what to do.

What did we get stuck on? We kind of got stuck on some of them we were planning on making hand dryers in the boys and girls toilets. So then we got stuck because we didn’t have enough money to pay for it and also we didn’t have another way for what to do so we just planned on making a maze game for team 5 at pt england school.  

What did my team achieve? My team achieved on teamwork and working together and planned it good with Mr Wiseman.

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