Wednesday, 1 March 2017


I know that my school is special because heaps of special events and special people come and visit our school and also heaps of special events happen at our school like famous dancers come perform at our school. In class we learn about drinking heaps of water or we learn about creatures or anything else we also make movies to show the whole school to watch during P.E.N.N we make our own news. Some teachers and principal from all around the world travel to new zealand just to come and see how amazing and special our tamariki and school looks. So then our beautiful prefects from pt england goes and take the special visits around our and look in people's classes and see how beautiful our tamariki is.

Some teachers leave our school and then come back to visit our school
and see how beautiful our school looks and how awesome our tamariki is we also make own karakias during te reo maori with our beautiful teacher whaea saffron we sing different culture songs like Samoan, Tongan, Pacific, and also maori song.

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