Thursday, 13 October 2016

Holiday Highlight and Immersion Assembly

During the holidays it was fun because we went to our pastors house to do white sunday practices before we done practices. We had breakfast first and wait for our other parents to come with their children to practices some of them came late so then we had to start my sister and my two other cousins had to hold up the flags.
We had to stand in a line starting from smallest to tallest but that dance was for white sunday.

After we had practices my two sisters and my two brothers and me stayed there for a little while and drank cocoa and ate dinner and we watched raw with our Tuvalu friend. But then my uncle and aunt said that we had to leave because it was getting late for me my brothers and sisters. The next day my aunt and uncle picked me my sister taunese and my big brother kitiona it wasn’t fun because first I was squished second I was hungry and third it wasn’t comfortable. But then when we got to church I was amazed because I children from my church wearing white. But I got more excited because my other aunt and uncle also other cousins Came to our church to watch our dance. But then they had to leave early because they had some other things to do.

After white Sunday me and my cousins ate heaps of lollies. But then 1 minute later we had to go to our pastors house with my aunt that lives in panmure it was so fun that we played outside we had dinner we played with balloons and drank cocoa there it was the funnest day of my life.

                                       Immersion Assembly
At immersion assembly it was fun because we ate and cooked pancakes and we also got to watch movies  that teachers made before school holidays. My favorite movies was teams 4 and 5. I liked the team 4 movie because it was funny and it has more interesting stuff in it like about eating too much lollies and could red bull give you wings. I knew that red bull could not give you wings because red bull ain't a fizzy drink that actually give you wings and I also knew that lollies weren’t good for kids because it is not healthy for them. I like team 5 movie because you get to know more about gas, liquid, and also solid. I really like team 2 movie because we get to check out to see which one can float and which one can sink.  

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