Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Superhero on a mission

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One day in a quiet city of Auckland.While all the students of rooms 6,7, and 8 were working super quiet on their literacy tasks, Suddenly they heard a loud explosion KA-BOOM!  

All the kids stood up. Bryana yelled “someone please get some help”! kaden replied “I know just the right person to call” Kaden called flame! Suddenly flame jumped into their classroom, Dr England said “what do you want?” And Flame said “I want to fight  with you” Then Dr England said “Bring it on”.

Flame asked “what are you doing breaking into the school grounds?”“I came to get someone's Chromebook so that I can use it and have it forever”Replied doctor England. And then he saw Aarhus Chromebook lying down on the floor and float over to the other side of room eight and grabbed it and room eight shouted and said “Oh no”. “ he is getting away with Aarhus Chromebook.

Flame said “everything will be okay” and then Flame went off to help find Ahu’s Chromebook and bring it back safely and made sure it wasn’t cracked and then the whole class shouted “bye Flame” and Flamed called back to them “bye room eight”

Room eight went outside with their Chromebook cases and their Chromebooks and waited for their teacher to go and tell the office that we are going to leave school to go home early. When the saw their teacher Miss Whaea Raewyn
 they were so excited to leave school early.

But when they saw flame coming back with Aarhus chrome everybody shouted “hooray”. And then when Flame went of Flame said “ if anything happens again just yell for Help!”.

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