Thursday, 31 March 2016

Easter Break

On Monday night I went to the Easter show with my brothers and my sisters we all went to buy some tickets for each rides it cost a lot of money then when we finished buying tickets for each rides we went on the bumba cars first then we went on the roller coaster and it was fun because. We went upside down and around the hoop. Then we went to McDonald and bought something for us to eat when we finished buying McDonald we went straight to our aunt and uncle's house and ate some easter eggs. When we came back from our aunt and uncle’s house we went straight back home and had a little rest then the next day we went to our practices for our consent and after our practices we stayed there for a while so we can have enough time to play some volley and play other fun activities.

WALT: I can use interesting words and write detailed paragraphs

My writing has an introduction, middle and a conclusion

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